StemWood has discontinued production and is now in liquidation mode.

After more than 100 years, operating under various owners at two locations, we regretfully have ceased operation of our veneer and lumber mill in New Albany, Indiana, USA.
An enormous “Thank You!” goes out to all our valued and loyal customers, employees, and suppliers.

We have a variety of wood sculptures, paintings, artifacts, and art work that we will make available for sale soon.
We soon will have available for sale a variety of mid century modern dishes and food prep items.

Please visit the Property page of this web site for information about our 160,000+ square feet

of manufacturing facilities on our 16 acre campus.

We have a small volume of White Oak and Red Oak veneer remaining in inventory.  It is well manufactured and on grade – at close out prices.
White Oak  Pallet# 3166           10,512 sq feet     Furniture grade "AB"
White Oak  Pallet #2971           16,803 sq feet      Door Quarters with Flake
Red Oak        Pallet #2409           11,568 sq feet     Door Quarters with Flake  

We also have a few flitches of Red Oak and Birch veneer in 1/18th and 1/20th thickness for sale.

StemWood is under no financial or management duress. A number of competitive factors prevented a continuation of profitable performance and we elected to shut down and sell the assets. 

Please contact me anytime for further information.


David Wunderlin, President
502-741-3955 mobile​