Dishes and Cookware - Mid Century Modern Vintage

B103 $5 Vintage Mirro brand Aluminum Double Boiler
B104 $5 Vintage Lady Hibbard Aluminum Double Boiler
B106 $5 Aluminum Double Boiler
B107 $7 Vintage Mirro brand Square Aluminum 4-egg Poacher Pan
B108 $2 Vintage Wear-Ever brand Double Boiler Base & Lid only
B109 $8 Vintage Mirro brand Aluminum Steamer Bun Pan with wood handle 10" diameter
B110 $6 Vintage Mirro brand Aluminum Steamer Bun Pan 9" diameter
B111 $8 Vintage Wear-Ever #341 Aluminum Pan with Lid 8" diameter
B112 $9 Pair of Vintage West Bend Aluminum Fruit/Salad Grape Leaf Bowls 14" diameter
B113 $25 Hammered Aluminum Serving Dish with Glass Insert & Lid 10" diameter
B114 $7 Pair of Vintage Aluminum 6-opening Cupcake Baking Pans
B115 $3 Vintage Aluminum Mold Baking Pan
B116 $5 Vintage Aluminum Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
B117 $8 Pair of Vintage Aluminum Colanders approximately 9" diameter
B118 $9 Set of 4 Baking Pans/Sheets sizes 8" to 18"
B119 $4 Pair of Vintage Ecko Safety Ring Pot Covers 8-1/2" diameter
B120 $12 Vintage RWP Pewter 10-1/2" Serving Dish
B121 $4 Group of 5 Stainless Steel Pan Lids 12" to 16" diameter
B123 $2 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl 7" x 4" deep
B124 $45 Pair of Cast Iron Corn Mold Baking Pans (7 openings each)
B125 $9 Walker Ware "America's Favorite" Pie Pan 10" diameter
B126 $19 Pair of Vintage Jane Parker Pie Pans 8" diameter
B127 $3 Pair of Tin Pie Pans 8" diameter
B128 $12 30-cup Coffee Maker with Spout
B129 $39 Sunbeam Model C30A Art Deco Coffee Brewer
B130 $2 Pair of Decorative Metal Trays 17" x 12"
B131 $1 Pair of Vintage Strainers with handles 6" diameter
B133 $1 Wooden Cane-shaped Stirring Stick 8" long
B135 $7 Duck shaped Wooden holder for Napkins or Cards
B136 $19 Set of 10 Wood Bowls 6" diameter
B137 $8 Mid Century Modern Wood Ice Bucket 8" x 10"
B138 $35 Mid Century Modern Walnut Ice Bucket 7" x 12"
B140 $2 Group of small Wicker Baskets
B143 $20 Oneidacraft Stainless Flatware Set 38 pieces
B144 $27 Eleven Silver Plated Soup Spoons 1847 Rogers Brothers "Daffodil" 
B146 $4 Eight Mismatched Silver Plated flatware pieces
B147 $10 Eleven  Small Forks - International Stainless
B148 $19 Twelve Silver Plated 1881 Rogers Oneida Teaspoons 
B149 $4 Twenty-Nine pieces Mismatched Stainless Steel Flatware
B152 $2 Six Small Knives 
B154 $1 Six Vintage "Oertles 92 Beer" Can and Bottle Openers
B155 $6 Vintage Silver Plated Copper Tray 6" x 9"
B156 $30 Mid Century Modern Keynote Fan Vase 10" x 12"
B159 $10 Brown Teapot
B160 $50 Eight Mid Century Modern Homer Laughlin 6" Dessert or Fruit Bowls
B161 $10 Two Dansk Bowls 6"
B162 $50 Set of 5 Mid Century Modern Hallcraft Eva Zeisel Bowls 6"
B163 $2 Set of 3 Melamine Square Bowls 6"
B164 ### Mid Century Modern Francisca China Hand Painted Apple Pattern 12 Cups & 10 Saucers
B165 $90 Set of 16 Arzberg Germany White Cream Soup Bowls
B166 $25 Vintage Crock Casserole with Metal Holder 8" diameter
B167 $2 Dinner Plate Homer Laughlin Empress Design 9-1/2" diameter
B168 $10 Pair of Walker China Oval Vitrified Dishes
B169 $25 Cake Stand with Rustic Galvanized Metal Base and Sturdy Glass Cover
B170 $2 Vintage White Platter with Raised Fruit Design 12" x 16" (chipped)
B171 $10 Purity Maid Stoneware Crock 8" diameter
B172 $10 T & V Limoges White Platter 13"
B173 $6 White Corvelle Serving Bowl 10" diameter
B174 $2 Three Bowls
B175 $3 Vintage Hall Green Candle Holder
B176 $18 Green Uranium Depression Glass Cheese or Butter Dish with Lid 4" x 8" x 3"
B177 $5 Vintage Ribbed Lemon Juicer
B178 $5 Vintage Ribbed Lemon Juicer
B179 $1 Three Glass Bowls 5" diameter
B181 $12 Set of 7 Vintage Clear Glass Stemmed Wine Glasses
B182 $20 Set of 11 Vintage Clear Glass Stemmed Brandy Snifters
B184 $18 Vintage Glass Ice Bucket with Handle 6" tall x 5" diameter
B185 $25 Set of 12 Vintage Small Stemmed Etched Glass Goblets
B186 $12 Set of 6 Vintage Stemmed Etched Liquer Sipping Glasses
B188 $12 Set of 3 Vintage Small Etched Rose Pattern Stemmed Champagne Glasses
B189 $5 Set of 3 Vintage Glass Creamers
B190 $40 Unique Vintage Narrow Long Necked Cruet with Cork
B191 $8 Pair of Vintage Stemmed Clear Glass Handle-less Pitchers approx. 2 cup capacity each
B192 $15 Pair of Vintage Sugar Bowls
B193 $5 Ten Assorted Vintage Shot Glasses
B194 $15 Pair of Smoked Glass Pitchers with Ice Lip, approximately 1/2 gallon capacity each
B195 $15 Seventeen piece Set of small clear glass dishes
B196 $5 Vintage Clear Glass Salt & Pepper Shaker Set with metal caps
B197 $1 Vintage Glass Sugar Bowl
B198 $12 Vintage Clear Glass Measuring Cup with 3 Spouts
B199 $1 Pair of Clear Glass Stemmed Water Goblets
B201 $2 Ten Assorted Glasses