1 Praying Franciscan Friar $10 wood carved statue Basswood 17"H; 2" W: 5" base Hand Carved with dark stain damaged; Head separate from body; is repairable
2 Senor and Senorita $7 wood carved statue Butternut 10"H; 1 1/2"W; 2" base Hand Carved Senor with head down; Senorita with hands to head damaged; chipped and bases broken off
3 Bali woman with basket and flower $5 wood carved statue Mahogany 9" H; 2.5"W; 4" base Intricately hand carved Bali woman with basket and flower; sits on carved black wood base damaged; Flower broken off statue; statue broken off base
7 Beveled Base $2 Wood N/A Mahogany 17" x 2-1/2"    
16 2 Golf Head Blanks $5 Shaped Wood Louisville Golf Persimmon,  Good condition
17 Carved Cane/Walking Stick $30 Carved Wood Mahogany 33" H. Excellent condition
18 Fist - Mano Figa (Good Luck Symbol) $70 Carved Wood Tulipwood 8" H x 3"W Upraised hand made into fist with thumb tucked between index and middle fingers Excellent condition ($68 on Ebay, $200+ at auction)
19 Carved Cleopatra/Cobra $25 Carved Wood Butternut 21" H x 5" W on a 5" base Undulating shape could be representative of Cleopatra with arms raised, cobra or flower, Excellent condition
20 Carved Duck $10 Soapstone 9" H x 7" W brownish-orange soapstone carved duck, Chip from top of head
21 African Warrior $2,500 Carved Wood Wenge  29" H x 15" W, Beautiful head and torso sculpture of an African warrior, head turned looking away; cape over left shoulder and horn on rope around neck Good condition - repaired crack on torso
22 Knight $20 Carved Wood Walnut 14" x 4" x 4" Standing upright with spear and shield - somewhat primitive, Good condition
23 Woman $75 Wood Cherry 29" H x 5" W on 6" round base Woman looking up with one hand behind her back Crack in body of sculpture and in base
24 Hanging Wood Chair Swing $9,500 Wood  Hawaiian Koa 58" H x 26" W Similar to the ribs and vertebrae, this chair curves from the seat to wrap over the head, Excellent condition
26 Framed Geological Survey Map of New Albany $10   27" x 34" Dated 1960, Excellent condition
28 Pottery Urn with Spigot and Metal Base, 17 bowls and lids, and candle stick $140 Ceramic J B Taylor Ceramics  (Company was sold to Louisville Stoneware in 1970)  Pottery Urn 13" H x 13" W; with stand 18" H x 15" W Louisville Stoneware Pear and Grape design; large 'teapot' style with lid and spigot. Green metal footed base Good condition; Lid is cracked / repaired; Spigot needs new seal; bowls, lids and candlestick in excellent condition
31 Priest with Bible $25 Wood Mahogany 16" H x 3" W on 5" base Hand carved Priest or Friar holding a bible, Good condition
32 3 Candlesticks $20 Wood   4" & 5"   Good condition
33 Flamingo Dancers $20 Wood Cuban Mahogany 6" H X 2" W Pair of hand carved flamingo dancers Fair condition - weathered; man's hat is broken
35 Old Woman / Crone $5 Wood Basswood 3" H x 2" W, Hand carved statue of old woman with scarf on her head and stick in her hand, Good condition
36 Old Woman with Book $10 Wood Basswood 5" H x 2 1/2" W, Hand Carved woman in long dress and hat with book, Good condition
37 Old Man with Red Knapsack $15 Wood Bill Tryss (?) see name on bottom of base, Basswood 10" H x 3" W, Man with mustache and red knapsack over his shoulder, Good condition
38 Male Wood Carving Statues $150 Wood Basswood 4 1/2" H x 1 1/2" W Set of 12 miniature wood carvings of men in various clothing,  and arm poses - some with musical instruments,  Good condition
39 Ashtray with Raised Fish in its center $15 Cast Aluminum, Bruce Fox signature   4-1/2" square, Mid Century Modern, Excellent condition
40 Electric Carving Knife $10 In original box GE   Mid Century Modern - electric cord, Good condition
41 Cigarette Case $10 Wood Mahogany 3" H x 6" W box Vintage trick cigarette mahogany box. Store the cigarettes in the case upside down and when you flip it over the flaps open. inside say " Bottom's Up" patent #2316979 & "Made of genuine mahogany". Good condition
46 Canoe Sculpture with Warriors Paddling $600 Wood/Brass, Hagenauer, Vienna 1930's signed Maple 20" W x 5" H, Four native warriors, standing and rowing, Good condition
47 Kneeling Figure Statue $20 Wood/Metal Holly 8 1/2"H x 2" W, hand carved African figure with metal coils on neck, kneeling with hands clasped. Intricate carving on headdress and large pierced ear holes, Good condition
49 Woman with bucket $10 Wood Holly 10" H x 3" W, hand carved woman holding a bucket - other hand in pocket with forlorn look on face, Good condition
51 Female Figurine in Loincloth $20 Wood Lignum Vitae 9 1/2" H x 2" W, hand cared female figure with hands on abdomen, Good condition
52 African Mask $15 Wood  9" H x 5" W, hand carved mask, lobes of both ears broken
54 Bali Mask  $30 Wood Basswood 8" H x 7" W, hand carved mask; male with mustache crack; missing mouth
55 Norwegian Man / Woman Figurines $10 Wood  3" x 3" Female carrying water buckets ; Male has hands in pockets, Good condition
56 Coconut face $10 Wood 8" x 7"  carved and painted coconut face, Fair condition
57 Demon Mask $40 Wood Pine 6" x 5"  hand carved demon face with fur, Fair condition
58 Carved Platter $25 Wood Mahogany 11 1/2" round lathe turned and hand carved platter, Good condition
59 Carved Platter or Wall Plaque $40 Wood Mahogany 15" round lathe turned and hand carved platter, Good condition
60 Carved Plaques (Pair) $50 Wood Teak 14" H x 8" W, Two hand carved plaques - both are bored through the center so they might be part of a totem, Good condition
61 Bali Demon and Mermaid Wall Plaque $150 Wood Teak 21" x 13"  Mythological figures,  Good condition
62 Audubon Print: Blue Winged Yellow Warbler $30  18" x 15"; with frame 25 1/2" x 21 1/2" No. 4; Plate 20; engraved, Printed and Coloured by by R. Havell, Jr, Good condition
63 Audubon Print: Cardinal Grosbeak; Male, Female $30 Print 18" x 15"; with frame 25 1/2" x 21 1/2" No. 32; Plate CLIX; Engraved Printed and Coloured by R. Havell Good
64 Audubon Print: Raven, Male $30 18" x 15"; with frame 25 1/2" x 21 1/2" No. 21; Plate CI; Engraved Printed and Coloured by R. Havell, Jr, Good condition
65 Ray Harm: Sharp Tailed Grouse, Ring-Necked Pheasant; Puffed Grouse; Eastern Bob White; Turkey; Woodcock; Mourning Dove $290, 29" x 22"; triple matted in wood frame, Good condition
66 Elephant Door Knocker & Nut Cracker $75 Brass 7" H x 2"W, Base is the elephant's legs.  Knocker is the elephant head and trunk with a person riding on the head, Good condition

67 Audubon Print: Robin $30 18" x 15" with frame, damaged matt
68 "Caleb Grimshaw", 1st of 4 Prints of early 1800 ocean voyage / immigrant schooner ships, known as Baltimore clippers. $20 Samuel Waters 13" H x 14 1/2 W, Vintage Framed & Matted Print; Courtesy Marine Historical Association; Mystic Seaport, CT; Congressional Serial Set, Issue 630, Good condition
69 "Ino", 2nd of 4 Prints of early 1800 ocean voyage / immigrant schooner  ships, known as Baltimore clippers $20 Print, 13" H x 14 1/2 W,  Vintage Framed & Matted Print, Courtesy Marine Historical Association; Mystic Seaport, CT;  Good condition 
70 "John Trucks" 3rd of 4 Prints of early 1800 ocean voyage / immigrant schooner  ships, known as Baltimore clippers. $20 Print Antonio Jacobsen 13" H x 14 1/2 W, Vintage Framed & Matted Print, Courtesy Marine Historical Association; Mystic Seaport, CT;  Good condition
71 "Great Admiral", 4th of 4 Prints of early 1800 ocean voyage / immigrant schooner  ships, known as Baltimore clippers. $20 Print Sai Tung 13" H x 14 1/2 W,  Vintage Framed & matted Print, Courtesy Marine Historical Association; Mystic Seaport, CT;  Good condition
72 Vintage Framed Print "Mason Decoy" $45 Print Leonard Fisher 16 1/4" H x 20" W framed Vintage Framed & Matted Mallard Decoy sitting on Mason Decoys book, with wheat stalks, Good condition
73 Vintage Framed Artwork of Duck Hunters and Mallards $25 Watercolor Roy M Mato (sp?) 20" H x 23" W Framed, matted painting or print, Good condition
74 "Before The Harvest" Print (DanielJames Insurance Group 1975-1995) $20,  22" H x 27" W, Framed, Matted  #50 / 620 Print; blue skies, field, mallards and duck hunter, Good condition
75 Vintage Print "The Wreck of the Steam Ship "San Francisco" $10 print Painted by F. E. Butterworth, reprinted from Lithograph by N. Currier n/a 14" H x 18" W, Framed, matted, depicting the "Antarctic", "Three Bells" and "Capt Creighton" rescuing passengers and crew from the "San Francisco" Good condition
76 Board of Trade - Timber Control $10 Framed Reference 12" H x 17" W, Framed reference document showing table to be used to compute weights of imported hardwood logs, January 12, 1948, Good condition
77 Framed painting of ducks on wood $45 wood signed by Esther Stevenson   43"H x 31" W,  male and female Teal Ducks in flight on wood board, Good condition
80 Vintage Belgian Congo Tourist Map $95 James Thiriar 35" H x 33" W, Framed 1951 map, Good condition
81 "Woodcutter" $49,000 Wood Sculpture Lars Fletre, Norwegian artist,  mahogany 5"10" Man on 16" base Commissioned by Chester Stem, Good condition- repaired crack on torso, authentication documents included
82 John No. 2 $5,000 Wood Sculpture Robert Ortlieb Redwood Burl 25" H x 13" W x 10" D, Carved head mounted by metal on wooden base, Good condition
85 Platter from Honduras $90 data shown on back and not readable Mahogany Crotch 21" diameter dated June 22, 1947 Gomez Abud. Maderas, Fair condition
87 1951 Map of Lanesville, Indiana $35   30 x 28 In Wood Frame, Fair condition
90 Bird dog and ducks $70 Pencil or Pen Drawing/Block print Chas N Sarka (1879-1960), possibly commissioned by Mr. Stem   16" W x 15" H Pencil or ink sketch on paper double matted in wooden frame; old photo of bird dog attached to back, Good condition.   His work is in the National Gallery of Art
92 Guatemala Map in frame $100 paper  23" W x 18 1/2"H 1946 Map of the Republic of Guatemala with added routes to logging towns,  Good condition
93 Map of Washington County, IN $5 Paper   38" x 42"   Very Good condition
98 Wildlife Print "Southern Forest" - signed by Artist $80 Print #545/16000 Phil Lavely   27" x 22" Double matted in Wood Frame with Brochure in pocket back of frame, Excellent condition
104 Shipping Route Map  $30 Paper Delta Line 18"H x 20" W, Map shows route from US Gulf of Mexico to S. America and W. Africa, Good condition
109 Calendar of 1946 $75 Paper Wood Mosaic Co.   11" x 14" Full 12 months with illustration on each monthly page,  Good condition
111 Lake of the Woods soundings map, framed $40   Pub. by Canadian Hydrographic Service   33 x 36 Publication date 1964, Excellent condition
112 Framed Print of Ship "Santa Rosa" $15  29 x 33,  Poor condition