Deareator Tank

Equipment for Sale

S1 Log Deck, outdoor, powered Custom made 4 strand, 23' long, 11' wide, hydraulic cradle
S2 Log Deck, outdoor, powered  Custom made 4 strand, 18' long, 11' wide
S3 Debarker  HMC Model V206H, hydraulics, new main shaft, new head, bottom conveyor 20' long, 2' wide, control cab, bottom paddle scrap conveyor 24" wide &  20' long
S4 Bark conveyors, powered   2 uphill conveyors to fill a trailer with bark by-product
S7 Log Haul Up  custom built 53' length heavy steel trough, 15HP, chain & dogs, conveys debarked logs from hourglass rolls to 2nd floor of sawmill
S8 Sawmill pneumatic kicker custom built 3 arm pneumatic log  kicker with air tank
S9 Log Cradle    4 arm, 12' length, heavy duty, air driven by large cylinder
S13 Log Turner - uninstalled Corinth Sub-floor, 4 tooth, 42 inch, 50 HP hydraulic unit on a tank, 2 spare cylinders
S14 Bandmill Carriage  Filer & Stowell 3 block, 48" capacity, 18" diameter solid wheels on 60 lineal feet of tracks, pantagraph, 75 HP motor electric over air
S15 Bandmill headrig Filer & Stowell Right hand, 7 foot top & bottom wheel, saw lubrication system, 150 Hp motor, soft start drive with reverse polarity to stop saw, , new top wheel bearings, new guides 
S16 Set works included Sawmill Hydraulics Computerized, PC driven with video screen
S17 Sawyer's controls included   joy stick and panel
S18 Log Splitter    Pneumatic, sub-floor
S24 Green Chain  3 strand live deck on steel tube frame, 72 feet in length, 2 HP motor with gear box, H74 drag chain
S25 Frequency Converter    125 HP drive, 230 volt 3 phase, 56 KW, driving a generator and amplidyne to create DC current to operate a 29 Hp motor gearbox to move log carriage on rails
S26 Generator included Amplidyne 3 KW
S27 Direct Current Generator included   1.5 KW
S33 Radial Arm Saw (shed) Dewalt 16" blade, 7-1/2 HP
S35 Radial Arm Saw (rework dept)  Wadkins 14" blade, 4 HP motor, 230 volt 3 phase, with work table
S37 Straight Line Rip saw (rework dept)  Hermance 14" blade, very heavy duty
S45 Gravity Roll Transfer Conveyor  Shop built 18-1/2 ft long, 20" high, 25" wide, 3" rolls with 12" spacing, with 3 transfer roll sets, and the lengthwise main roll case descends by air actuation to engage the transfer rolls
S46 Gravity Rolls on wood frame Shop built 21 ft long, 22" wide, 7" wood frame sides, 2" rollers on 18" spacing
S47 Bridge for floor level conveyors  Shop built See photos

Veneer Mill      
V1 Veneer Slicer  Capital 213" capacity, 50 HP drive, hydraulics, cap heater, several upgrades
V3 Veneer Slicer  Capital 165" capacity, 50 HP drive, hydraulics, cap heater, several upgrades
V4 Veneer Slicer, half round Capital 154" capacity, 50 HP drive, hydraulics, cap heater, reduced core staylog, many upgrades
V5 Channel saw Custom made 1 head, 2 saws, 13' length capacity
V6 Split saw  Custom made 14' length capacity
V9 Veneer Press Burkel 3 opening, 4' x 14' platens, 8- 3 ¼ bore cylinders, 1,000 lb hydraulic pressure, 7.5 Hp motor driving Racine hydraulic pump, 230 volt 3-phase, separate hydraulic cooling system
V10 Veneer knife hog  Globe 50 HP, 8A, removed and ready to load
V12 Veneer Chip Conveyor system  2 drag chain conveyors to convey veneer chips to boiler room, approximately 150 feet total length
V14 Vats with lids (12) Custom made All 304 stainless steel, 10,000 to 12,000 gallon capacity, closed loop steam heat system, Irvington Moore controls
V15 Split saw, uninstalled  Custom made 15' length capacity, not installed
Clipping Room      
C4 Long knife clipper  Capital 16' capacity, with air powered tilt table, shadow light, automatic safety brake, electric 10 HP, 230/460 volt 3 phase, 81" height
C5 Long knife clipper  RFR 16' capacity with air powered tilt table, laser light, automatic safety brake, electric 15 HP, 330/575 volt, 16.4 Amps, 3 phase, 76" height

Globe Hog 

2004 New Holland LW130.B



75' Stainless Steel lined Autoclave 



Capital Half Round Slicer


Sawmill and Carriage